Story Over System

This is my home brew RPG titled Heroes Of Earth or H.O.E. for short. Where super beings have existed on Earth for many years. With only a handful of powered individuals existing…….until now. The number of super beings has only recently increased to the awe and fear of the general populace of modern day Earth. Unknown individuals with strange and fantastic abilities. Most using their powers for good. Others for power and selfish gain.

Great evil has slowly started to show it's ugly head around the world. Governments from every continent are struggling to fight off the new threats that are appearing out of no where. They are in need of heroes. Some countries welcome the assistance of outside help but other governments see super beings the worse threat of all.

It is up to you how your super being fits in the world. Will you be the hero to millions of adoring fans or the mysterious vigilante that fights crime in the shadows. It is up to you how you want your hero to operate in the world at large. The planet is waiting to be saved.


Our Next Game Is Planned For Thursday, February 16th at 7 PM Date Is Pending

This is a RPG home brew game that I got the idea from Utube. A few of the rules I borrowed from other existing games and modified. We are still in the Beta Testing stages so this is Not the final product. The game itself is meant to be more story driven and less stat based. Simple and not much number crunching. Story over system is what we are going for but with that being said. Different and complex enough to be fun, exciting and challenging. A new experience for all. Here's to trying new things. Not trying to re-event the wheel. Just trying to add some variety to our Game Night. This is Heroes Of Earth.

Our last few game sessions were fun with everyone playing there heroes well. What I felt was lacking were the rules. Wasn't really happy with the combat most of all. Going to overhaul the whole system to a new one. Investing in a book that has an existing game mechanics that has proven to work in other people's game. Looking to adapt that to our game. More info on that to come.

H.O.E.- Heroes Of Earth

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