H.O.E.- Heroes Of Earth

To The Victor Go The Spoils

It is the morning after last night's events. Our heroes leave the Chicago Museum Of Contemporary Arts after defeating the Droog Gang from stealing the famous jewel, the "Hope" diamond. Our super heroes are surrounded by news media and new fans of the newly named Motley Crew as soon as they exit the museum building. As they get interviewed, Badass Mofuga is the first to notice an individual who stands out in the crowd. It is a figure who tries to be inconspicuous but fails to do so due to his tall ominous stature. His name is Omega. A super being like  the members of the Motley Crew but with different powers. Omega has enhanced fighting abilities and is an expert in all weapons. Seeing the Motley Crew on local TV. Omega decides to go to the museum and see them for himself. Omega later talks with the super group and agrees to become a member.

Going back to their temporary base of operations- the bar Jake's Good Time. The heroes find yet another new member to their Motley Crew. He is a Professor Rolf Steiner of Germany. A well known scientist with questionable practices in the field of genetics. His practices even being deemed immoral by most his peers and for this blackballed from several scientific and medical associations throughout the world. So he has also been infamously dubbed The Berserker. In secret, Dr. Steiner is a shape shifter of several animals namely a savage gorilla.

While at the bar. They also find a huge wooden crate. Opening the crate Badass Mofuga is reunited with his ATV. With that and all the other added excitement. The heroes fall asleep during the day. Kenesis, Dr. Silence, Gravidad and Badass Mofuga fighting the Droog Gang at the museum the night before. Gravidad suddenly teleporting away before meeting the press and not returning. The Berserker traveling across the globe from Germany to meet the heroes. Omega then The Berserker joining the group. Some fall asleep from exhaustion, some from drinking alcohol, some from boredom and some from all three.

The slumber does not last though. It never does. The old bar TV set begins to turn back on once again waking the heroes even though the TV is still broken and unplugged. Kenesis even threw a bottle at the TV and cracked the screen. Yet it still shows images and sounds of things of importance. It is now evening time. The sun has already set. The Droog Gang has escaped from prison earlier today causing many casualties. Among them many of Chicago's finest. The police chief, Dwayne McAllister has also been taken hostage by the escaped convicts. The Droog Gang demands an exchange. The "Hope" diamond for the police chief's life.

This is when the mysterious phone on Kinesis's possession buzzes. It is the unknown benefactor. The benefactor tells that there is an ornate wooden box behind the bar. Inside the box is a Hope Diamond. The group does not know if the diamond is the real item or fake. Then the police radio that Badass Mofuga has reports an abandoned steel mill warehouse on the lower east side suspected to house the Droog Gang and the kidnapped police chief. Police officers are on the seen but again are held at bay. If the officers get any closer to the warehouse the police chief's life is forfeited. So it is up to the heroes to save him.

Once at the warehouse. The Motley Crew split up. The team divided into two teams enter from two different entry ways. One from the side and other in the rear of the building. It is Dr. Silence and Omega who encounter two Droog Gang members guarding the rear entrance. The heroes dispatch of the guards easily and then enter. Badass Mofuga, The Berserker and Kinesis enter from the side but encounter no such guards. Kinesis bashes the door open and proceeds to climb a ladder up to upper scaffoldings with Badass Mofuga and The Berserker not far behind. Dr. Steiner (The Berserker) turns himself into a mouse and actually passes Badass Mofuga and Kinesis on the way up. The three heroes encounter four more Droogs themselves. The Berserker transforms from a mouse to a gorilla killing a Droog with his gorilla hands. Badass Mofuga and Kinesis take out the other three with two of the Droog Gang members falling off the scaffoldings down below.

On the warehouse floor, Omega and Dr. Silence face off against four more Droogs minus one. One of the falling Droog Gang members fell on another gang member leaving Omega and Dr. Silence to fight only three Droogs instead of four. Omega efficiently takes out two of the three while Dr. Silence engulfs the last Droog with fire. BM and The Berserker both join Omega and Dr. Silence on the warehouse floor while Kinesis remained on the scaffolding. He is the first to see an elevator coming down from a upper floor toward the warehouse floor. As it reaches the warehouse floor the elevator dings….





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